Friday, February 8, 2008


So this is what one of my dear customers send me for Valentine's Day..Such a sweet fellow he knows well my adoration for leather. I will make sure to wear it next time he calls me, and make him beg to lick slowly up my legs, maybe torture him a bit see how long he can stand it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Toe Licker

Well all in all has been a great week. I had this toe sucker, who loves to wear his stockings and a pair of women's high heels every time he calls me.. I make him walk around the house to hear make sure he stands by the deck door in case the neighbors re around since he loves to be humiliated so much, there have been times that I have made him take the garbage out wearing his stockings and high heels. I love it, specially when he begs me to stop and I don't he knows well if he does not do as I wish then he does not get the privilege to handle my feet.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

What is your Fetish?

What’s your fetish? Well some people don;t even know if they have a fetish, I guess you can say if you are obsessively fixated on an object or a body part …that you indeed have a fetish. There are many diverse kinds of fetishes, depending on the object . I for one have a fetish about leather. I love the feel, smell of the leather and yes for me is a great turn on,mmmmmmmmm, turn me loose in a leather store and I might never come out.

People can turn anything into a fetish. There are different degrees of fetishism that go from mild to extreme…and yes there those who’s fetishes have controlled their lives to the point that it interferes with their relationships…So what’s your fetish???

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The eyes have it…You can lure a man with the right look.

You’ve have heard it before: The perfect gaze across a room can make a man frantically infatuated with you. It sound nice enough, but is it true? Many experts say yes. A seemingly innocent gaze is one of the most powerful love signals you can send. The are certain gaze patterns like making eye contact, looking down, then resuming eye contact that indicate interest.. Even in the animal kingdom the eye to eye exists . The male chimpanzees will stare at a female and flick his penis to show interest…hehehe lucky for us humans don’t have to do that, Oh my here I go getting a perfect mental picture of a man flicking his cock for me.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Well I did have a nice laugh while reading this story...wondering if he was wearing fishnet stocking like the ones above,,hahahha, priceless I would had given anything to see him all dressed up, and on his knees licking my shoes, like a good little slut.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Leather, Leather and more Leather

Yesssssssss, love them love the feel of them the smell of the fresh leather..and in this case love the color. I really think these will become part of my shoe collection. I can just picture one of my shoe fetish customers on his knees caressing this boots and begging me to let him lick them. I wonder how much he will beg to have the heel pressed againts his croch...I think would be a long torment.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Want some Sex Toys?

So you say money is tight, but you can't resist buying those wicked sex toy. Well turn right around and look around the house, baby the possibilities are endless of the many sex toys you can make yourself and give them a test run with your willing partner. You can grab those fruits and veggies have some fun, the Cucumbers great for penetration and they do come and many different sizes and thickness. frozen grapes ohhhhhhh, what wonderful anal beads they can make, or insert in pussy guys and then go diving for grapes.
Now don't forget your visit to the hardware store if you like a bit of kink with your sex. You’ll quickly discover that almost everything in a hardware store has the potential for sexual use. You can go hi-tech and use a remote control doorbell to turn on and off a simple battery vibrator, or keep it simple and pick up a few feather dusters for torture tickling.
I would love to see what ideas you guys could come up with to use as sex toys, come on let's get creative, love to read about it.
for more ideas have fun and take a look at this site:

Monday, October 8, 2007

Nail Fetish Anyone?

Well I was sipping my coffee this morning and surfing the web when I came across some funny news sites and this picture was among the articles under the tittle strange pictures...I had to post this here hahahahaha, first thing that came to mind was "nail fetish" Imagine the things one could do with those nails. I think some might be kind of painful,lol I am sure soon enough I will come across a slut boy that has a long nail fetish,then he can call me and tell me all the kinky things he wants to be done to him.

Come get your fetish needs satisfied:

Saturday, October 6, 2007

This makes me feel Sexy

Oh yessss!!! is that time of the year as the fall arrives so does my uncontrollable need to star shopping for those sexy outfits.. Nothing makes me feel more sexy, hot and wild as wearing new fine Lingerie. I have been looking at some of them and I have found a few that I really adore. I can just picture in my mind wearing this laying back on the couch a glass of wine the fire going and a sexy slut boy at my feet, who needs anything else, wink!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Where is the Beef?????

I ask you ladies don't you just want to fall off your chair laughing when you see this? hahahahahaa, I am thinking not even two inches, I wonder if he even pees his pants when he stands over the toilet, wait I guess he has to sit like the sorry bitch he is. I just hope for his sake that he has a long tongue and knows how to use it.